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QA Glossary

On this site you will find a glossary of software testing terms on multiple languages.



Why glossary is important?

Software testing as well as any other field has its own specialized jargon which you need to understand if you want to be a professional tester and communicate effectively with other software testing experts.

There are a lot of glossaries on the Internet why do we need another one?

Yes, there are a lot of software testing glossaries on the Internet however most of them contain only few terms, aren't provided with additional information on terms, don't give you a possibility to link specific term if you want to share with someone and aren't searchable. Unlike others in this glossary you can find extensive descriptions, useful links and translations for terms. Also you can add and edit terms by yourself.

How can I add or edit a term?

Just register and start editing.

I want to submit a term but there is no glossary for my language. What should I do?

Just contact us at info [at] qaglossary [dot] com. We will add a new language as soon as possible.

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